not just another cutting shop.

At MetalShapes we are committed to offering you top notch attention, product, and service. Our fully modern 14,000 sq ft facility is packed with the best fabricating equipment available today. We can assist you with your projects large and small.

we have many capabilities.

Laser Cutting.

5kW L3030New Trumpf laser. Fast, accurate, top quality. 5'x10' sheet size. Capable in lightest gauge sheet through 1 inch steel. The ultimate job shop laser for cutting metal shapes.

Waterjet Cutting.

Large format OMAX 80X JetMachining Center. Premier machine, best quality, massive 6'8 x 20'0 cutting area. Two pumps, two cutting heads. Zero taper technology. This machine can cut nearly any material, in any shape, with precision.


Trumpf TruBend 5170s. Best precision, advanced 3D control, bend angle measurement. High tolerance segmented tooling, 14' bend length, and a 6 axis back gauge for very flexible multiple setups. A well rounded bending machine.

Trumpf TruBend 7036. Compact, super acceleration, super accurate. High tolerance bending of smaller parts is a snap with its advanced multiaxis electric drive. Generous 40" bending length. The fastest bending machine in the world.


Haas GR-510 series CNC gantry mill. Fast, accurate, easy control. Large 5' x 10' x 11"machining envelope. Automatic tool changer, rigid tapping, accuracy to 0.001". Very capable in wood sheet and planks, plastic, composite and aluminum sheets and structurals. Machines and engraves large steel and stainless steel parts slowly and carefully, but with precision. The perfect machine for making large commercial, industrial, and decorative components.


Haas ST-20 Turning Center. Fast, accurate, flexible control. 8" chuck and 20" length for generous part size mix. High precision C-Axis motion and live tooling for added capability. Make more parts with less setups.

Haas VF-2 Vertical Machining Center. All around performer for general milling to a moderate part size. Travels up to 30" x 16" with 4th axis rotary. Economical second op machine to add drill, tap, pocket, and bevel features to laser cut or waterjet cut parts.

Haas SMM2. Super speed for smaller workpieces. Featuring travels up to 20" x 16" with 4th axis rotary. High speed spindle. Great performer in deep engraving, micro machining, milling, drilling, and tapping of metals, plastics, and composites. Programmed in the industry leading Mastercam MultiAxis CAM software.

Laser Engraving.

100W Trotec Speedy 400 Laser. Large 24"x 39" work envelope. Cut, etch, engrave or mark wood, paper, metal, acrylic, plastics, stone, films & foils, foams & filters, glass, leather, textiles, rubber and more. That's quite a list. Or we can make stuff like ID tags, wayfinding signs, and we have a Rotary axis too for that custom etched glass cup.


Every year we cut a million pounds of components for other people to put together. But sometimes we like to put them together ourselves. Small to mid sized weldments suit us best in one off, small or medium run, and specialty design/build assemblies. We handle grinding, finishing and painting too. Examples of our excellent work land on the streets of Saskatoon each year through our Custom Fabrication Studio - project managers and constructors of all types of architectural streetscaping fabrications, furniture, civic art, and signage. We put the same care and attention into industrial weldments and assemblies we can make for you.


While we don't prefer napkin drawings, our metal processing team can start from there. Your best economy comes from providing us with a clean, full scale DXF or SolidWorks native file, as well as a dimensioned PDF of each part you want us to make. However, if this doesn't work for you, we provide individual component drafting through full weldment and assembly design services. Metal Shapes works primarily in SolidWorks and AutoCAD, but we can start from your Autodesk Inventor or Revit, Pro/E, SketchUp, and many other formats too.